CMB Electrical has developed a number of strong working relationships with major companies.

By working for, and with these companies we have been able to continue our steady growth.

Please take a look at our client list for more information.

Our Work

Here at CMB Electrical we take an unrivalled pride in our everyday work, ensuring that all of our client's requirements are met, within the given timescale, and to the highest standard possible.

In this section we will be highlighting some of the businesses' achievements in the form of completed contracts, also included is a list of the major clients happy to have used our services.


This is a short-list of our completed contracts, hopefully showing you the range and body of the work undertaken.

In the short time period of operation we have undertaken many major projects, and have had the opportunity to apply our skills and experience to specialised tasks such as safety critical medical installations.

All featured contracts have been completed already

Industrial Developments
Rockwool Production Facility and Warehouse, Bridgend £1,070,000
Polymeric Aircraft composites Factory, Clevedon £127,000
Seda UK Ltd; Packaging production Factory; Blackwood £245,000
Freeman's Cigar Factory and Production Lines; Cardiff £95,000

Medical Developments
MRI and CT scanner Installation; New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton £88,000
New Cardiac Catherisation Unit; Royal Glamorgan Hospital £150,000
Pintree Court, Low Security Mental Health Unit; Cardiff £390,000
Minerva Dental ltd; Cardiff £160,000

Commercial Developments
Royal National College for the Blind sport and leisure complex £1,552,000
Ethos Innovation Centre Offices, Swansea £420,000
Regional Traffic Control Centre, Highways Agency, Avon £398,000
Mercedes Showroom & workshops, Cardiff Gate £382,000
Welsh Strategic Investment Projects, Swansea £380,000