Atrium 2B


  • Client: Bouygues UK
  • This high profile city centre car parking facility stands adjacent to the new millennium centre in Cardiff bay, the contract was tendered and awarded by Sir Robert McAlpine.
  • As a design and build project the main requirement for this huge building was to provide a safe, well lit and secure environment for the public in line with current car parking recommendation.
  • The control of lighting was also important to the client and an energy saving system was designed to shut down individual floor of lighting when not required.
  • The system utilises passive infra-red occupancy defection on all levels and includes a manual override system. The deactivated system also provided down switching to 20% capacity in out of hours operation periods.
  • The visual scheme was designed in house to achieve all the clients' requirements using fluorescent linear luminaries with high frequency ballast.
  • The result is a well lit, controlled safe car parking illuminated up to 200 lux with environmental energy saving automatic switching.